ESR Wheel Spacers


Wheel Spacers - Our light weight Aluminum (6061 T6)wheel spacers are designed to fit snug on the hub and with a little space around the wheel studs to work with the stock studs or upgraded 7/16" wheel studs. Scalloped design to make them as light as possible, yet still giving the wheel a solid surface to sit on between the wheel and the hub.

The Miata comes from the factory wider in the rear than it is in the front to make the vehicle understeer to keep the general public out of trouble on the street. So, if you buy wheels that are 25mm offset which are the widest allowable track width you end up keeping the same out of square design with the rear still being wider than the front promoting understeer. We believe that purchasing wheels that are 35mm or narrower (higher offset number) allows us to tune the vehicle to our specific driving style and surface condition.

The SCCA rule allows for wheel spacers to be used as long as they are the same per axle. So, we like to square up the car by putting spacers on the front to make the front and rear equal or even putting more spacers on the front to make the front track wider than the rear.

All wheel spacers are delivered anodized in black in 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", and now 5mm width.

Price is for a quantity of 4.

* It is highly recommended to use new longer length wheel studs with wheel spacers thicker than 1/4" to ensure proper torque ratings are achieved.

    Vehicle Applications:

    • 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L & 1.8L NA6, NA8, NB1, & NB2
    SKU: ESR-200-059

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