ESR Universal Aluminum Seat Bracket

We all know how hard it is to mount a composite seat in a Miata. These brackets make it much easier. You have a 2 inch window of adjust-ability in each bracket. You can also mount a seat as low as touching the floor or as high as 4 inches off the floor and anywhere in between. Once you have your seat mounted and On the recline that you want, you can loosen the bolts and slide the seat anywhere, forward or back within that 2 in window without re drilling holes to fine tune your seat position. The brackets are also not offset. As you likely know, most of the time the bolts attaching the seat to the floor of Miata have to go under the seat, not toward the outside of the seat like in most cars with more room. With offset brackets, when you put the bolts under the seat, the offset portion designed to save you floor space actually uses up even more. So the 90 degree bend is the only way to go there.

These brackets will fit Side Mount Seats offered by: Momo, OMP, Cobra, Status, Racetech, Sparco, Recaro & most others. The brackets are made to bolt directly to sliders but have multiple slots for adjust-ability when direct mounting (eliminating sliders). The brackets are made from 3/16 inch thick Aluminum and weigh just under 3 lbs for the pair. Price listed is for a pair of brackets to mount one seat.

      Vehicle Applications:

      • 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L NA6 & 1.8L NA8, NB1, & NB2
      SKU: ESR-200-005

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