ESR Differential Case/Housing Gusset


On 1.8-liter NA and NB Miatas the OEM differential housing has a notch on the passenger-side arm that is designed to allow the housing to snap to help absorb the impact in a collision.  Mazda engineers designed the housing in such a way that the differential would separate first during a major street accident, absorbing energy and protecting larger components from damage. This is a great idea for a road car, but in a race car, especially a Spec Miata where close racing is the norm, that design element can become problematic, turning what would otherwise be inconsequential contact into the end of a race and an expensive repair.  These gussets, unlike others being sold, are designed to fit tightly inside the void in the differential housing, not just laid on top and welded. These are a much better option imo. These are made 1/4 in thick aluminum.

Note: *Pictures show gusset installed on housing. Housing not included.* If you need a housing with welded gussets, click here.

    Vehicle Applications:

    • 1994-2005 Mazda Miata 1.8L NA8, NB1, & NB2
    SKU: ESR-200-150

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