ESR Competition Radiators (1999-2005)

Install Kit:No, thank you
Gauge Fittings:None needed

Originally built and designed by Sam Henry of Springfield Dyno. This is the latest revision to the most effective radiator in the Spec Miata marketplace. There's a reason that so many winners and champions use these radiators, they work better than anything else out there. They have been used on 6 of the last 7 national Championship winning cars.

This is a true triple pass radiator which channels the water from side to side multiple times ensuring a substantially longer cooling time in the radiator and pulling even more heat out of the cooling system. Many try to copy, but none have been nearly as effective.

Three main attributes for this radiator are:

  1. Reduced cooling system operating temperature. We have consistently seen 20-30 degrees cooler temperatures running this new radiator vs a 54mm Koyo radiator or a few of the other copies of our radiator.
  2. Reduced intake system air temperatures. During controlled dyno tests, we have seen 15-20 degree drops on intake air temps.
  3. Reduced weight off the nose of the car. Compared to the Koyo, this new radiator weighs approx. 2.5lbs less when fully filled.

The simple facts are that if you keep the coolant temps below 190 degrees, you are going to make more power. Also, if the intake air temp is cooler, you will also make more power.

This is really one of the must haves if you want to make power for a whole National race distance, even tucked up in a tight draft.

Comes with optional install kit, which includes:

  • Recommended 16lb flip lock radiator cap
  • Pre-cut Gates upper radiator hose

    Also comes with optional gauge fittings, two 1/8 npt and one 1/4 npt. Allows you to install your water temp guage sending unit directly into radiator with no chance of leaks. You can put in sensors for water temp and water pressure and warning on temp or pressure.

    Vehicle Applications:

    • 1999-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L & 1.8L NB1 & NB2
    SKU: ESR-200-041-1

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