Dfuser Motorsports 5 Speed Pro Built Remanufactured Manual Transmission

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Now offering the newly legal SM upgraded gear set!

All consumable items are replaced including but not limited to: seals, gaskets, synchronizers, hub snap rings, roll pins, shift rods, shift rod ends, shift forks, drain / fill plugs, reverse / neutral sensors and all cir clips.

Early 1.6 transmissions receive the updated 1.8 shift rod assembly.

Bearings and gear surfaces are inspected and replaced if not within manufacturer tolerances. Cases are cleaned in a hot tank. Shift rods are safety wired to prevent roll pins from backing out under race conditions.

Vehicle Applications:

  • 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L NA6 & 1.8L NA8, NB1, & NB2

For upgraded gear set ONLY:

When you purchase the upgraded gear set, this kit includes the following:

  • 2nd gear - uses NA 1 piece synchro - 0000-02-5812
  • 3rd gear - 0000-02-5813
  • Input shaft - 0000-02-5810
  • Counter shaft - 0000-02-5811
  • 5th gear pair - 0000-02-5814
  • Counter shaft reinforcement collar - 0000-02-5816
  • 5th gear thrust washer - 0000-02-5817
  • 5/R hub assembly - 0000-02-5815

Break in is required. Use of a racing 75w-140, such as Motul Competition Gear 75w-140, is required for break in. As much non racing time as possible is suggested for break in whether it be on a dyno, half speed track days, or even idling in each gear on the lift. Whatever you can do to get as much rotation time on the gears as possible before racing is needed. Drain and fill oil after break in.

Use of a racing 75w-140 gear oil is suggested. 75w-90 at minimum, but again, 140 is suggested. Do NOT use a non "gear oil" such as synchromesh, MTL, or ATF. A proper gear oil that floats gears and thrust surfaces appropriately creates less "drag" with these gears, and the OE gears, than a "thin" oil.

Note: Heating of the 5/R hub may be needed to install onto the main shaft and chilling of the countershaft will assist installing the countershaft into the bearing plate.


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