AiM Sports SmartyCam 3 Dual Data Logger Camera

Style:67° FOV

The SmartyCam 3 Dual is a true dual lens HD motorsports camera and data logger designed for the rigors of competition. Taking the best features of the SmartyCam 2.1 and 2.2 GPHD, the SmartyCam 3 Dual brings two full HD images from independent cameras in H.264 1920x1080 pixels at a clear 60 fps. 

AiM Sports SmartyCam 3 Dual Data Logger Camera Details:

  • Manufacturer: AiM
  • Manufacturer part number 67°: XS3DB6767L2L200
  • Manufacturer part number 84°:  XS3DB8484L2L200
  • Manufacturer part number: 120°: XS3DB120120L2L200
  • Video format: H.264 1,920x1,080 pixels @ 60 fps
  • Display resolution: 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Lens: Low distortion camera lens
  • CMOS Sensor: Global shutter
  • Field of view: 67°, 84° or 120°
  • Internal battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Video Out: 3G-SDI
  • External power: 9-15 V
  • Supported MicroSD Card (not included): Up to 2TB
  • Usage temperatures: -10°C/+50°C
  • Auto Power On/Off: Yes
  • Auto Start/Stop Recording: Yes
  • Body: Anodized Aluminum
  • Dimensions: Main unit 154.4 x 109.6 x 42 mm
  • Dimensions: Bullet camera 24 diam x 48.2 mm
  • Connectors:  Deutsch 22 pin (1), SMA SDI Video out (1), SMA bullet connection (2), USB-C (1)
  • Bullet camera cable length: 2M
  • Weight: Main unit 800 g
  • Weight: Bullet camera each 45 g
  • Waterproof: IP65

Dual Motorsports Cameras
The SmartyCam 3 Dual features two separate bullet cameras that are easily placed anywhere in the cockpit with the included 2M (6.5' foot) SMA cables. SMA cables are small, shielded, and feature threaded connections on each end for the best in video data in the harshest of race conditions.

Video Streaming Output
SmartyCam 3 Dual features a video streaming output channel with SDI interface. Your 3G-SDI format video and audio stream is now able to be sent to a data streamer at your choice of 30 or 60 fps. Live data streaming has never been easier.

RaceStudio 3 with Analysis
The AiM Race Studio 3 software is included to allow you to customize and configure your overlays in a virtually infinite variety of ways. You can easily add your team logo, sponsor information, track map or graphic objects from a list of pre-determined sets with the same layout or single objects from different sets, This could even be adding your second camera video in Picture in Picture mode with your team logo and track map showing. AiM RaceStudio 3 is powerful and fully customizable for your team and sponsor needs.

Video Analysis Post Race
The entire video session is then downloaded on your PC and then split easily. Replay of individual videos of separate laps can now be simultaneously viewed to identify best race line and lowest lap time. Share and Compare is now available for you to compare your best lap with your friends personal best. AiM Race Studio 3 makes lower lap times easy.

Internal Datalogger Built-in
The SmartyCam 3 Dual has a second ECU CAN interface allowing for CAN expansions without the need for an ECU bridge. Both your video and CAN data is stored on a standard removable SD card with capacity of up to 2TB with all data stored in MP4 file format. At the end of your test, your SD Card contains all the information you need for a deep data analysis and lower lap times. SD card is sold separately.

Designed for the extreme
The SmartyCam 3 Dual is a true motorsports camera protected by a solid aluminum housing with a hard anodized finish. Built for the rigors of racing with an IP65 waterproof rating, the SmartyCam 3 Dual is at home in your Porsche GT3 Cup, Super Trofeo, TA2 Camaro, F4, or 125cc Shifter Kart. Whatever you drive, Trust the AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual to get you great video and data.

Automatic Start & Stop
Easy integration and automation with your AiM family of data components. The SmartyCam 3 Dual can be set up to automatically power on, start recording, stop recording, lock your data and video file and power down. Focus on your competition, not your proven data system.

No "Wave Effect" with Global Shutter CMOS
Solid motor mounts, straight cut gearboxes, and hi revving race engines affect most wave type shutter systems. If you have ever seen a video that gets “wavy” at high RPM’s, you are seeing the limits of wave shutters. SmartyCam 3 Dual uses the solid CMOS Global Shutter to provide quality, crisp, clear videos in the most aggressive of race cars.

High Quality Video in a Small Video File Size
Optimized video compression in H.264 allows a more compact video size for a perfect balance of file size and video quality. Full HD is accomplished without the massive file size normally required using this compression. Championship World Racing League, SRO, and ChampCar teams swap video cards at every practice, qualifying and race pit stop. This data is only readable after it is uploaded, so the H.264 allows for a faster data download of your driver and vehicle’s performance and vehicle health.

      Vehicle Applications:

      • 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L NA6 & 1.8L NA8, NB1, & NB2
      SKU: XS3DB6767L2L200

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