Advanced Autosports Fuel Pump Out Kit / Sample Port


The Advanced Autosports Double Dry Break Fuel Sample/Pump Out Kit is designed to work with any 5/16 inch / 8 millimeter fuel line as found on Mazda Miatas. The double dry break system allows you to connect and disconnect the pump out hose with minimal spillage and less risk of fire. The high flow valves and large hose, provide enough flow to quickly pump out the tank for accurate fuel mileage and fuel load calculations. Simply cut into the factory hose and install our CNC machined "Tee" with the included clamps. The hose can be stored in the trunk, glove box or tool box. Fits all year Mazda Miatas and many other cars with 5/16" or 8mm fuel lines.  Uses genuine Jiffy Tite fittings.

    Vehicle Applications:

    • All year Mazda Miatas
    • Many other cars with 5/16" or 8mm fuel lines

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