Advanced Autosports Exhaust Manifold Studs and Nuts


Factory Exhaust Manifold to down pipe studs are usually rusty and are prone to breakage. Don't spend $35.00 for the same oem quality studs from the dealer, when a set of genuine ARP studs and a self locking nuts are the same price.

These stainless steel studs are made by ARP, the world's leader in motorsports hardware. The studs are high grade stainless steel with a minimum tensile strength of 180,000 pounds. The tip has a broached internal hex for easy tightening and a bullet nose to ease nut installation. Simply remove the original steel stud. Then screw in the stainless steel stud, using an allen wrench in the broached end of the stud. Use the new self-locking flange nut to secure the down pipe to the manifold. Torque to factory specs with a 14mm socket (the same size as the factory nut uses).


  • three studs
  • three nuts

    Vehicle Applications:

    • 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.6L NA6 & 1.8L NA8, NB1, & NB2

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